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If you re injured in a car accident and have insufficient health insurance or none at all , car insurance can help. Most insurers offer coverages that cover injuries you sustain as a driver or passenger and in some states, personal injury protection coverage is required ..

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    A car insurance policy protects your finances from these astronomical and unexpected expenses. Aside from helping you with the cost of an accident, your car insurer can .

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    Dwindling returns on investments, catastrophic storms, and more severe car accidents have made it increasingly difficult for auto insurers to stay .

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    Why Auto Insurance Is Important. By There have been many overturned trees from high winds that have decided to fall the direction of someone’s brand new car..

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    Maybe your car did get damaged and you have car insurance, but no coverage to fix it. It is at this point in time when you feel your car insurance is worthless, but you get what you pay for. PLPD does not cover physical damage to your car. It does however, offer you protection for other types of losses..