Video: What is Antifa?

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  • Now Playing: White nationalist Richard Spencer, Antifa member confront each other

  • Now Playing: What is Antifa?

  • Now Playing: Behind the scenes at a Trump rally as a member of the media

  • Now Playing: Trump returns to Washington after Reno, Phoenix speeches

  • Now Playing: Trump follows divisive rally with unity call in Reno speech

  • Now Playing: The Note: Trump changes his tune – again

  • Now Playing: Donald Trump shifts tone, asking for love and unity at a conference in Reno

  • Now Playing: Thousands of protesters, supporters clash outside Trump rally

  • Now Playing: The various times President Trump has touted ‘clean coal’

  • Now Playing: Trump calls for unity at American Legion after fiery Phoenix rally

  • Now Playing: What Trump has said about the Charlottesville violence

  • Now Playing: Senator from Louisiana spends summer recess substitute teaching in home state

  • Now Playing: Maxine Waters honored at the Black Girls Rock Awards

  • Now Playing: Treasury secretary’s wife apologizes after Instagram uproar

  • Now Playing: Are President Trump’s attacks on ‘fake news’ part of his strategy?

  • Now Playing: Demonstrators surround Trump rally in Phoenix

  • Now Playing: Trump defends Charlottesville statement at combative rally

  • Now Playing: The Note: Trump unloads on the media — again

  • Now Playing: Trump defends Charlottesville response, lashes out at critics at combative campaign rally

  • Now Playing: Trump says Sheriff Arpaio is ‘going to be just fine’

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