Video: Trump returns to Washington after Reno, Phoenix speeches

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Transcript for Trump returns to Washington after Reno, Phoenix speeches

Let’s bring in Matt dowd for more on all this. Matt, yesterday you TD about jekyll and Hyde, president trump, and one of the things we’re seeing, the public, at least, in the most recent poll, the quinnipiac poll showed by 62-31%, 2-1 margin the public believes that president trump is a divider, not a uniter. George, I think this is a huge problem on two fronts, first for the president politically. The American public does not see him at all in any way as a moral leader that can unite the problem. A problem for him but for the country you and I talked before the inauguration and I said to you, I thought we were at as great a divide in our country as we were entering the civil war and if we’re in that situation today and don’t have a president the American public trusts, then we have a huge problem getting to the common good and if we can’t get to the common good then our democracy becomes very problematic. Even less likely to get to the common good to come to uni if in September we have a government shutdown and maybe a default on our debt. Well, yeah, that goes straight to Donald Trump’s vulnerability which was he was a businessman. He’s going to make government work. He’s going to bring people together and do all the things and make it like a business and if we go at a situation and the government is shut down because of threats from the president, it even makes it harder to move forward. Okay, Matt dowd, thanks very much.

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