Is Your Car Really Insured A Review Of Classic Car Insurance

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He was told that he would not be covered in any of the above cases which made me realize that I, too, use my antique cars for considerably more than just car shows and parades, and I wondered, “Am I covered?” I mailed a letter outlining the scenarios presented by Bob W., to twelve insurance companies, including the .Heck, maybe you have a friend at work that wants to see your car, or something! They also don t have a mileage limit. Most of the big insurance companies, like Allstate, Nationwide, etc, aren t really set up for classic car policies. They ll let you insure it as a regular vehicle, but you ll pay through the nose and .When it comes to your classic car, a regular auto policy simply does not suffice. While most cars depreciate as they age, a classic or collector car actually appreciates in value, making it too tricky for a normal company to insure. That is why you need classic car insurance. All classic car insurers share a few vital elements..