How Does A Dui Affect Your Insurance Rate Progressive

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A DUI affects what insurance companies charge you for insurance because they may consider you a higher risk driver. Often, points are added to your driving history because of a DUI. Progressive will insure you regardless of whether or not you have a DUI, though we do charge you appropriately for one.. For example, if you re insured with Progressive, you will not face cancellation or non renewal due to a DUI conviction, but you are likely to face a rate increase. Progressive reviews rates on a case by case basis. It will weigh multiple factors such as your age, gender, driving history and vehicle model..Drinking and driving is a major offense, sometimes with life changing implications . For those lucky to walk away from a DUI conviction with only a conviction however, their auto insurance rates will see a spike. We veyzed some data to show just how big an impact a driver with a past drunk driving conviction can expect . Comprehensive claims is fancy insurance talk for claims that are not accidents like fires, thefts, vandalisms. Don t be afraid to report these kinds of claims. I can virtually guarantee they have no effect on your rate at Progressive. Not at Fault Accidents points it is rare for a NAF to effect your rate, but it .